We believe in a world where food is something that bonds us together.

We believe that cooking is about expressing ourselves and sharing. It should be simple and fun. It’s a moment, a simple pleasure, an offline time. It goes far beyond being a simple necessity.

credits: ourplace, pregnantandhungry, brightland, charlottethelittlechief, charlotte collard.

We fight against

  • plain food,

  • fat free products and diets,

  • not taking the time to eat a proper meal,

  • feeling ashamed of our cooking,

  • the uniformization of cooking.

Basically, we fight against everything that prevents food from making us happy.

That’s why we are launching spiced : a weekly newsletter made to empower in the kitchen and inspire simple, genuine, and beautiful moments around a dinner table.

Spiced was born to inspire simple and beautiful moments in the kitchen.

By sharing with you interviews, recipes, simple kitchen hacks, and other useful content, we aim at giving you the keys to be able to cook for your loved ones and spend beautiful moments with them.

When you sign up, our aim is to bring you a new food experience: reviews, inspirations, and the products you need to know about. We’ll sit at the kitchen table of people who inspire us to talk about food, culture, career, and what cooking means to them today. We’ll curate the best recipes we tried and approved, with different levels of difficulty, and share them with you. We’ll cover subjects around setting the mood and the art of hosting. Finally, once a month, we’ll review the best products (oils, salts, cooking tools, sauces, pasta, well… everything you need in the kitchen) we’ve tested, and we’ll pick the ones you need to know about.

More than just a weekly newsletter, our aim is to create a space where everyone is invited to celebrate his/her own approach to food, and the products they love most. We see food as a way to self-expression, embracing who you are, where you come from, and taking care of the people you love.

If this resonates in you, we’ll love you to sign up and be part of our community.


Carla and Jasmine.